Windpower generators (up to 500 kW)


Generators for wind turbines - with a unique performance

For small (up to 500 kW) wind turbine applications AXCO-Motors’ permanent magnet generators provides high efficiency solutions and the assist of our engineers in application engineering to fit the units to the working environment. We offer models for both horizontal and vertical applications and axial flux or radial flux technology is chosen according to the power/torque required. The power converter can be either included in AXCO-Motors’ scope of supply or be excluded. When excluded, we will assist in specifying the applicable components. The system comes with technical support in design and commissioning.

Unique qualities:

Efficiency: no mechanical drive losses
Low torque ripple: silent, long service life
Reliability: no mechanical belt, gear or lubrication unit to worry about
Environment: oil-free system, no gearbox
Adaptable: Our generators are engineered according to customer specifications

Our generators are tailored to match your company’s needs and challenging conditions. The high efficient design of generators maximizes the energy production. These qualities give you an edge in competitive business environment!


Belgium 8 kW 260 rpm started in 2014
UK 6 kW 190 rpm started in 2014
UK 140 kW 60 rpm started in 2014
Belgium 60 kW 63 rpm started in 2013
Belgium 16 kW 77 rpm started in 2013
Belgium 20 kW 77 rpm started in 2013
UK 5.5 kW 180 rpm started in 2013
Finland 3.5 kW 460 rpm started in 2012
Finland 2 kW 250 rpm started in 2010
Finland 2 kW 180 rpm started in 2010
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