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Axco Generators for wind turbines

A permanent magnet generator is a perfect choice for small wind turbine applications. Axco permanent magnet solutions guarantee high efficiency. Our engineers assist in application engineering to fit the units to the working environment.

Axco Generator for wind turbines.

Axco permanent magnet generators for wind turbines cover a range from 1 to 500 kW. Axial flux or radial flux technology is chosen according to the power/torque required. There are models for both horizontal and vertical applications. Engineering support is available also for an integrated solution, where the turbine and the generator work as one unit.

Operating range of an Axco Generator for wind turbines.

The power converter can be either included in Axco’s scope of supply or be excluded. When excluded, we will assist in specifying the applicable components. The system comes with technical support in design and commissioning.

Axco Generator for wind turbines delivers high torque and efficiency.

Unique performance:

Superior efficiency: no mechanical drive losses
Very low cogging torque and torque ripple for long life
Superior reliability: no mechanical belt, gear or lubrication unit to worry about
Superior for environment: oil-free system, no gearbox

Customer specific approach:

Axco Generators are designed for high efficiency to maximize the energy production.
Axco Generators are tailored to match the customer need and challenging conditions.
Axco Generators give an edge in a competitive business environment.

Here you can download a brochure of our series for small wind turbines.


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