Marine motors and generators (up to 4 MW)

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Motors and Generators for marine – compact, robust and efficiently cooled

AXCO-Motors’ marine motors and generators are even up to 50 % more compact than asynchronous machines, which means light weight and minimal foot print. Modular structure allows the machine to be designed to customer specific applications with various speed and voltage requirements. Cooling system includes liquid jacket, which allows coolant temperatures up to +40°C.

Product range covers genset generators, shaft generators, PTO/PTI machines, propulsion motors and thruster motors. AXCO-Motors’ permanent magnet motors and generators sustain the same excellent performance also in marine applications such as:

High efficiency over entire speed range
Maintenance free system
Multiple mounting possibilities
Minimal oil usage
No energy lost for excitation of rotor
Low heat generation
Optimal performance in even the harshest marine environment
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