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AXCO-Motors Wins the Innofinland 2009 Award

AXCO-Motors Oy was awarded the national Innofinland Prize. The awards were presented for the 16th time. The 2009 award ceremony was held on 15 December at the Innohouse of the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland.

Asko Parviainen, CEO, receiving the award.

The company received the prize – awarded by Tarja Halonen, the President of Finland – for its energy efficient direct-drive motors and generators which improve reliability and efficiency in a wide range of applications. AXCO-Motors Oy designs and manufactures direct-drive motors and generators for distributed energy production and specialized electronic solutions. Because of their high efficiency, compact size and ungeared direct drive, AXCO-Motors’ products are highly energy efficient and ideal for distributed energy production from wind and hydro power. Some of the company’s products have already enjoyed increasing commercial success in Europe, while others are still in the prototype phase.

Asko Parviainen and Ari Piispanen, AXCO-Motors’ Chairman of Board of Directors, discuss the product development process of motors with the Finnish President.

As well as AXCO-Motors, also four other companies were awarded the Innofinland Prize. Two companies won honorable mentions. In addition to the national awards, also regional Innofinland Prizes were awarded earlier this fall. AXCO-Motors received the regional South Karelia Innofinland Prize.

With its 2009 theme "Material and energy efficiency – a new opportunity", Innofinland focused on Finnish innovations which help produce more efficient products and services that conserve both raw materials and energy and prevent global warming.

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AXCO-Motors Oy, Lappeenranta, info(at)axcomotors.com