Hydropower generators (up to 10 MW)


Generators for hydropower applications - with high efficiency

AXCO-Motors’ permanent magnet generators are perfect choices for hydropower turbine applications. Product range covers conventional vertical and horizontal machines as well as submerged units (bulb turbines or similar). Our engineers help you choose the most suitable design for your hydropower project to fit units to the working environment. AXCO-Motors' hydropower generators are based on permanent magnet radial flux technology. They can be easily adapted to existing powerhouse buildings. The generator structure provides good performance and high efficiency. The phase voltage and current are purely sinusoidal, and torque ripple is low.

Unique qualities:

Efficiency: no mechanical drive losses
Reliability: no gearbox needed, power electronic components kept in minimum
Versatility: the generator can be designed to fit in old building and structures
Environment: oil-free system, no gearbox
Cost efficiency: permanent magnet direct-on-line generator is a perfect match especially for low head (H < 50m) power plants and low speed Kaplan turbines

Our generators are tailored to match your company’s needs and challenging conditions. The high efficient design of generators maximizes the energy production. These qualities give you an edge in competitive business environment!

Synchronizing opportunities for grid

Direct-On-Line (DOL) connected, pure PMG or Hybrid PMG allowing cosphi regulation

Direct-On-Line (DOL) connected with parallel running reactive power compensation system

Line converter (full power converter) connected

The direct-connected solution is simple, thus reducing the investment needed, as well as eliminating the fault possibilities in power electronics. On the other hand, the line converter version enables power supply in variable power situations. Often, a system of multiple generators can be built by using one power converter unit and some three to four directly connected units. We use only highly reputed converter brands in the system deliveries. The power converter can be included in AXCO-Motors’ scope of supply, or excluded. In the latter case, we will assist in specifying the applicable components. The system comes also with technical support in design and commissioning.


Plaszow HPP Poland 1 x 80 kW 333 rpm 2016
Alte Bleiche Germany 1 x 36 kW 333 rpm 2016
Gåseflå HPP Norway 1 x 280 kW 333 rpm 2016
Tagliuno HPP Italy 1 x 1200 kW 231 rpm(Hybrid DOL) 2016 More info (pdf)
Orte HPP Italy 2 x 340 kW 250 rpm 2015
Kivisalmi Finland 1 x 30 kW 46 rpm (pump unit) 2014
Brukfors HPP Sweden 1 x 280 kW 375 rpm 2014 More info (pdf)
Joaveski HPP Estonia 1 x 200 kW 750 rpm 2014
Ball Mountain HPP USA 12 x 250 kW 900 rpm (VSD) 2013
Escale HPP France 1 x 550 kW 600 rpm (+ STATCOM) 2013
Kopin HPP Poland 2 x 660 kW 200 rpm 2013
Pignone HPP Italy 2 x 50 kW 375 rpm 2013
Kaihua I Finland 1 x 2500 kW 600 rpm 2013 More info (pdf)
Kirchberg Switzerland 1 x 22 kW 750 rpm (VSD) 2012
Porraskoski HPP Finland 1 x 60 kW 600 rpm (VSD) 2012
Makkarakoski II Finland 1 x 280 kW 231 rpm 2012
Finlayson HPP Finland 2 x 1800 kW 187 rpm 2012
Finlayson HPP Finland 1 x 1000 kW 231 rpm 2012 More info (pdf)
Hourunkoski HPP Finland 1 x 720 kW 231 rpm 2011
Ryötönkoski HPP Finland 1 x 1000 kW 250 rpm 2011
Termini HPP Italy 3 x 80 kW 315 rpm (VSD) 2011
Maranzino HPP Italy 2 x 60 kW 315 rpm (VSD) 2011
Trecante SS11 HPP Italy 2 x 250 kW 300 rpm 2010 More info (pdf)
Strömsberg HPP Finland 1 x 300 kW 500 rpm 2009
Fonderia HPP Italy 2 x 600 kW 300 rpm 2008 More info (pdf)
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