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Medium-speed Motors

AXCO-Motors presents a totally new patented range of an axial flux induction motor, which is designed especially for a frequency converter drive.

Axco Motor for series of 37–75 kW.

The company offers motors that are more competitive and more adaptable to today’s various industrial applications. Customer-oriented and tailored axial flux machines are constructed from few standard components, and thus remarkable savings are obtained in the logistics chain.

Type Power [kW] Speed [r/min] Weight [kg]
37-4000 37 6500 130
45-6000 45 6500 130
55-6000 55 6500 150
75-4000 75 5000 200
250-6000 250 6000 600

Here you can download a brochure of our series of 37-75 kW induction motors and a leaflet of our motor type 250 B.


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