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Products of AXCO-Motors

The key target audience of AXCO-Motors are customers specialized in producing equipment for process industrial applications. Applications that have made good use of the products of AXCO-Motors are:

Small windmills
Hydropower plants
Screw compressors
Blowers and vacuum pumps
Mobile heavy machinery
Combustion engine applications

By switching over a traditional technology to Axco technology in motor and generator applications, many components can be eliminated from the power train, and the total production costs can be reduced in a cleaner and ecological way. The mechanical and dynamic properties of a machine construction allow more optimal and more adaptable direct-drive integration compared with the conventional solutions.

The AXCO-Motors team will guarantee that the system configuration works optimally in the specified application. The newest technology is applied in flexible and versatile way. All the solutions are developed and tested to ensure the highest efficiency without compromise on reliability.


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