Danfoss acquires AXCO-Motor's operations

Maximum power and operating economy

AXCO-Motors delivers a wide range of adaptable direct-drive permanent magnet motors and generators for several gearless industrial applications. AXCO-Motors is committed to provide high quality customer focused products that fully meet each particular client’s needs and requirements.
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Product Segments

Hydropower generators
(up to 10 MW)
Marine motors and generators
(up to 4 MW)
Windpower generators
(up to 500 kW)

AXCO-Motors - power efficiency and improved operating economy

AXCO-Motors was founded in 2004 in Lappeenranta, Finland and nowadays has over 10 years of experience in supply demanding electrical machines. Our core competences are electrical and mechanical design, testing and final assembly. Together with our global subcontractor network AXCO-Motors provides the needed solutions from the designing phase all the way to the delivery.

We have a passion for quality!

Why Axco generators/motors?

High efficiency (up to 98-%) : Minimal losses compared to any other solution
Cost efficient: Our generators maximize energy production due to high efficiency
Permanent magnet (PMG) solutions with complete drive
No active magnetization: Losses due to field winding avoided
Reliable: no gear boxes or belt drives
Green values: Minimal oil usage system
Maintenance free system: No excitation machine, no capacitors
Patented technology
Custom designs available

Efficiency comparison between topologies (generator 1 MW 300 rpm)

Produced electricity/income comparison
DOL PMG vs. traditional synchronous generator
Produced annual energy of turbine: 4300 MWh
2.3 % unit difference in efficiency means 100 MWh more production
4 000 EUR/year higher income with 40 EUR/MWh (Nordic countries)
15 000 EUR/year higher income with 150 EUR/MWh


Asko Parvianen, AXCO-Motor’s former CEO, congratulates Juhana Ylikojola, recently nominated AXCO-Motor’s CEO.

Danfoss Editron Oy
(former AXCO-Motors Oy)
Höyläkatu 1
53500 Lappeenranta, Finland
E-mail: editron.service (at) danfoss.com